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"Where there is no prophecy in the Church, the very life of God is lacking and clericalism prevails", said the Pope at the Mass celebrated in “Santa Marta” on the third Monday of Advent 2013 concluding his homily with the prayer: "Lord, may prophets never lack amongst your people!".
This Pontiff’s election was accompanied by a prophetic sign: a man from Assisi, dressed in sackcloth and barefoot, who during the Conclave in the rain in St. Peter's Square, was praying on his knees for a franciscan Pope who would love the poor...
And yet more, that “pilgrim of Assisi" - as he has been defined by many, Massimo Coppo - had not arrived there on his own initiative, but had been sent there by an authentic "prophet" of Assisi, Marcello Ezekiel Ciai.
prophecies on Rome, the Vatican, the earthquake of Assisi and the collapse of the world economy, have come true and are still coming true in a surprising and even dramatic way.
Marcello Ciai, a suffered  mystic man of the land of Assisi, by the grace of God has enriched the Church of Christ with a true gift of prophecy, in these last times of divine mercy.




Prophecy on John Paul II

The prophecy on the Pope was proclaimed in the presence of John Paul II himself, at the occasion of His visit to Vienna in the year 1998 and afterwards handed over to Cardinal Schoenborn who said: "The Pope must listen to what the Holy Spirit says".

From the important Italian newspaper  "La Stampa" an article signed by the famous writer Guido Ceronetti, regarding another vision preceding for a little the attempt on the Pope of 1981.

 Marcello Ciai deeply loves the Mother Church and that he keeps the Pope in his heart.  To witness this, we quote a passage of a writing edited in the newspaper "La Stampa" signed by Guido Ceronetti,  with regard to another vision a little preceeding the attempt to the Pope in 1981.


...The breakdown between prophetism and priesthood is always unevitable. Nevertheless, turning over the pages  of the smoking prophecies of  Marcello (today about sixty, white beard, human warmth) you read, that on the first of May 1981 he had the vision of the Pope seriously ill, standing "behind a small white hospital table".
Thirteen days later there was the attempt of Agc, and it is true that the Pope, though injured, remained  "on his feet"....

Guido Ceronetti



Copy of the text of the vision of Marcello Ciai:

"On the first day of the fifth month of the year 1981, I saw in dream the Pope seriously ill and with a pale face, but standing "behind a small white hospital table".
I was standing too before him, in silence, like a pupil before his master ... 

(From "The bag with 10 sheaves", written on August 1995: sheaf 6, entitled "Saint Gregory the Great")

The language and behaviour of the Pontiff Karol Wojtyla has changed then!

Vatican City-inside the Paul VI hall - Rome December 11, 2002

For the Pope: "More tragic than the war is the silence of God. - The Creator in silence seems to be closed up in his heaven and doesn't reveal himself anymore. We feel lonely and forsaken, without hope. - God is disgusted of the humanity"
<< The turning point: people turn to God and address Him an intense prayer. First of all acknowledge their proper sin with a short and sincere confession of guilt: 
"We do acknowledge, Lord, our iniquity...we have sinned against You."
The silence of God was, therefore, provoked by the refusal of man. If the people convert themselves and turn to the Lord, also God will show Himself available to go towards them to embrace them >>.

"What have you come to search for? "  John Paul II at the end of his pontificate asked to the crowd gathering around him. "Or rather, whom have you come to search? The answer cannot be but one: you have come to search Jesus Christ!" so Pope Wojtyla expressed himself.

There, this is just what God was asking him in the prophecy of Marcello.






Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger declares:

The Church is in crisis, she thinks too much of herself.
Let us return to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to the fire He brought
on the
"Salvation only in the Catholic Church": this is true

Pope Benedict XVI


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