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Passages from some prophecies received by Marcello Ezekiel Ciai in the year 1981 and 1995:


The economy will collapse and the workmen will be dismayed.

How intelligent are the leaders of science !

The most clever of the president's advisers form a stupid council.
How can they say: "I come from famous schools and teachers ?!"
Let them reveal to you what the Lord of Hosts has decided against pride.
The wise men have become stupid and deceive the famous teachers,
as to lead astray all their leaders.
The Lord has sent a spirit of misleading on all the leaders that makes them move in every way like drunkards in their own vomit.



" Look watchman! What do you see ?"

" Oh, I see a caravan of refugees in mourning, sick, injured, hanged."

" Watchman, watchman, what do you still see ?"
"Flashes and terrors. The night is long. Terrors and flashes!"

" Watchman, watchman, what is left yet of the night ?"
Here comes the dawn, but the night returns.
  Come! Come and ask ! Repent while it is still morning ! 
  The cries of the vespers frighten me, its mourning makes me pine."

" Cry out watchman, cry out !"
" What shall I cry out ?!"
"Bring water! Bring bread to the refugees! so that they don't languish and die."



Here, evil upon evil has arrived, misfortune has arrived. In every corner  an ambush is laid.
There isn’t a way of escape to be found anywhere.
I incite one against another. 
Violence explodes and becomes the sickle of wickedness.
In the midst of the rowdy and dull uproar the scythe strikes without mercy:
the just and the unjust;
because My law has been infringed, the new covenant has not been
respected, the alliance has been broken
and the great day is coming near !



These are the days, I have said: " The final great explosion will be tremendous ". The Lord says. 
" War, famine, disease, drugs, kidnapping, assault, brutality, rape, violence, murder, suicide, massacres, earthquakes and calamities ". 

Lift up your hands, clap them, stamp your feet, pull out your hair,
rip off your cloths, throw yourself on the ground, fast and cry.



Nobody takes to heart the cause of the poor...
But here the true horses, those mounted by cruel and victorious warriors trample against and towards you.
They have erected a bastion, and there the Holy War is being prepared.
House of Israel, house of Peter, I address myself to you. 
Why do you say: the word of the prophets is like the wind that has passed? 
Why do you say:
“Peace, freedom and well-being, when these things are not here and will not be?
War, oppression and hunger, I will send then upon your nations.
Oracle of the Lord.
Listen, oh earth, where is your salvation? On Papeete, or in the Pope perhaps?  
I make it rain according to the seasons, I have created the sowing and the grape harvest; but you are only able to get drunk on your own ideas. 
Your wicked thoughts have ruined all the beautiful things created by me, for you. 
Therefore  misfortune and terror will come upon you.
You don't seek the ancient ways, and prepare yourselves your tombs.
Oracle of the Lord.

My son prophesy against the priests, tell them for my part :
Woe to you priests and friars, who herd yourselves.
You are the leaders who carry great responsibilities.
You watch the time and say:  - Oh, I must say mass !  Oh, I must perform the church ceremony !
As the maid watches the time and says: - Oh, I must set the table ! 

Oh, I must prepare supper ! And at the end of the month she has her salary assured.
The fatherly, pastoral love that I have taught you doesn’t exist.
I have given everything, up to My life, in sacrifice for the sheep and I am the door.
He who doesn’t enter through this door is a thief and a false shepherd.
The true shepherd goes and seeks for the lost sheep, the one that has gone astray, takes care of the wounded
and the sick one, helps and strengthens the weak one and caresses the frightened one.
But you don’t put into practice my justice, you don’t  treat correctly and firmly My Word.
You say hat there is peace, where peace doesn’t exist, You say  that there is justice, where justice doesn’t exist,
You say that there is love, where love doesn’t exist, You say that there is forgiveness, where forgiveness doesn’t exist.

So says the Lord.


So says the Lord. 
From the smallest to the greatest all devise fraud!
As from a well springs out water, from the city springs out iniquity.
My indignation is great, where will I pour it out?
How will I not pour it out from the suckling to the grey-haired?
Who will succeed in stopping my hand against injustice, unfaithfullness?
Nobody takes to heart the cause of the poor.



One speaks of peace, one seeks peace,
but men do not even know anymore what is “peace”.
Peace only I can give it; but nobody finds anymore that  “treasure hidden in the field”,
because nobody wants to renounce and everybody wants to have.
So every day is full of bad news.



And it is all a devastation; even nature, plants, wildlife, birds, fish, all perish. And the show is only at the beginning.
The battle is joined, tremendous will be the big final explosion in all My rage.
Word of the Lord.



The desert shall be transformed then and thence in garden.
In a book finally they will read.
Humility will listen, justice will see.
The mocker and the jolly fellow will disappear
and nobody will be able anymore to ruin the other for nothing.
The messengers of peace will not choke themselves
and the heralds will welcome them.
The garden shall be transformed into a park
and the book into doctrine.
The Spirit of the Lord will embrace the earth
and the dead then will love one another.



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"There is need to bear in mind that the specific finality of prophecy is not so much to predict the future but to reveal what is occult."
(Pope Saint Gregory the Great: From the Homilies on Ezekiel 1)


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