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Yes, it is the real face of the Lord Jesus Christ !

Here follows a prodigious witness:


In the place where I arrived, seated around a long table, there were some men who were praying, under the guidance of He whom they called "Master" : a majestic figure which stood out amongst them, with a beard, long hair, and an inscrutable face.
For me, there wasn't a place around the table, however, I saw an inviting stone on the ground and there I sat down, right in front of He, who was the Lord Jesus ! 
Everyone began to pray and I also participated in their prayers. At a certain point, the Master looked at me, bowed His head towards the table before me, He opened something that was similar to a register, then He wrote three things in three different spaces, raising every time, His gaze towards me. The men closer to Him and also all those who had their backs towards me, turned around together and looked at me radiantly, full of joy, and exclaiming, they said to  me : " He has accepted you! He has accepted you! He has written you in all the three spaces of the register. "
I was full of joy, happy, even though I didn't understand profoundly and completely the meaning of all that was happening to me. Then the Master handed to me with His right hand, a kind of writing-pad and said to me: " Now you read."
I understood that I had to read, really me, by myself. I took the writing-pad shyly, fearing that I couldn't know how to satisfy the Master. It was a hard and difficult moment for me. I began to read the first page, but my reading wasn't fluent because I didn't understand well. The Master insisted however, until I read better, and so I recommenced from the beginning and read correctly.
All of a sudden I found in my hand, something like a small  blue-shining board on which there weren't written words, but square signs  in relief, unknown to me, like engraved on the surface itself. These signs I could see with my own eyes and feel with my finger tips, but I couldn't decipher them or none the less read them.
Therefore I stopped not knowing how to go ahead; I felt regret for not knowing how to bring about the conclusion that  the Master had asked of me. But, some of the first men, turned to me and said: " We will help you, be at peace.


It was only after seven months that, with amazement, I saw again those characters on a table of ancient alphabets in an encyclopeadia which had recently been acquired at home : alfabetoant4.jpg (10914 byte) 
characters corresponding, as from the document reproduced here, to the letters , among the southern semitic characters : "
He" and "Heth" .
I discovered then, thanks to the research of my wife, that they specifically indicated two verses of Psalm 119 (118),  from the Holy Bible.
The only Psalm of its nature, in which, in a constant tension of love and fear, the servant of the Lord asks and obtains that God reveals His teachings to him directly, in the deepness of his heart.
That Psalm so became my fervent and constant prayer.

(1)  Marcello some time afterwards discovered surprisingly in a special exposition in the city of Ponte Felcino-Perugia, that the face of the Master was the same of that of the Sacred Shroud.


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