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December 2001

Cardinal Ratzinger: 
"Salvation only in the Catholic Church"

It's true, but :

"When you were born, my bride, you were naked, despised and covered with blood. I had mercy on you and I made you grow and multiply and you reached the time of love; How beautiful you were. You were still naked, poor and stained with the blood shed for me. Then I took you and washed you, I covered you with the most beautiful dresses, I made you wear the most precious shoes, I adorned you with the most  precious and brilliant jewels, I gave you the most delicious foods to eat. So you became immensely beautiful and you got to reign. All the nations looked at you and admired you. Then you hardened your heart, being assured of your beauty and of my love, and you have betrayed me.

And now here you are, reduced to open your legs to the detestable beings that surround you. So for My anger, full of jealousy, reaps upon you what you deserve; and around the altar together with your idols, there are and there will be your wounded and your dead.

So says the Spirit. Where is your original faithfulness ? Where is your fervour, your first love that inebriated me with perfume and inflamed My ardour up to raising the dead for you? How beautiful you were, oh my bride ! Mother of my children, delight of my eyes, splendour for all the people. Now, you are nothing other than rotten fruit ! You seek for glory in political and religious alliances; you talk about ecumenism; but  can one put together a rotten pomegranate with unripe lemons to make a sweet ? You have to seek only My alliance that you have violated, which is the only way for true PEACE.  

( From the prophecy "The Mantle" of Marcello Ciai, 1981 )


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